5 Best Tutoring Companies

San Francisco Bay Area

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We strive to get the best education for our kids. Whether it be basic math & english, or as hard as college preparation courses that may include SAT prep, ACT prep, and/or other college course tutoring helping. Finding the right fit could be stressful because sometimes it is about affordability, best tutoring services, and/or both at the same time.

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  • 1. Think Tank Learning Living Center

    San Francisco, San Francisco Bay Area, CA

    Our staff is devoted to providing excellent quality educational services to the local community and neighboring schools. Our large after school education center is designed to not only provide students comfortable and safe learning atmosphere, but offers them all the guidance and supporting resources a successful student needs. Our professional staff is dedicated to ensuring all our students are successful. Our top priority is to help them achieve their individual academic needs. We are ready to provide excellent service and continue our company mission- to better the lives and broaden the horizons of those we come in contact with. Come by our center or give us a call we would be happy to speak with you.

  • 2. Eye Level Learning Center

    Belmont, San Francisco Bay Area, CA

    This is a story about a teacher who lowered his height. A man was appreciating the art at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington DC. As he approached each painting he would kneel down and look up at it. A curious visitor asked him why he was looking at the paintings from his knees. He replied, “I am an elementary school teacher and I will bring my students here tomorrow. I was wondering how my students would enjoy the paintings from a student’s eye level.”

  • 3. Mount Bell Academy School

    Sunnyvale, San Francisco Bay Area, CA

    Montgomery Bell Academy enjoys a 147-year history as a college preparatory school for young men in grades 7-12, offering a progressive approach to traditional education. MBA provides for its students a determined balance among academics, athletics, and fine arts.
    As Middle Tennessee's only school for young men, MBA offers a unique educational setting. Here boys are immersed in an environment where trust and support are paramount. Because of this support, students see initiative, independence, and resourcefulness as the means to pursue self-discovery, develop leadership skills, and claim a sense of self-worth.

  • 4. Impressive Minds Academy

    Milpitas, San Francisco Bay Area, CA

    We are a team of passionate educators who want to provide a safe, warm and nurturing environment with the opportunity to extend learning beyond the school day. The need for a child to build a wider base of knowledge, as well as to further develop his/her Life Skills cannot be more underlined. While the schools do a great job at that, a lot still remains unfulfilled. Our Enrichment programs and special activities enhance your child’s educational experience. We can also help lighten the load on you, as busy parents, by centralizing many of your child’s extracurricular activities in one place. The time of a child spent in our afterschool centre is perfect for exploration, and for further shaping him into achieving his true potential.

  • 5. The Lil' Genius Kid

    Hayward, San Francisco Bay Area, CA

    Genius Kids is an independent award winning Accelerated Learning Center founded on the philosophy “Never 2 Little 2 Learn”; a simple belief that every child is a “genius” and as educators and parents, it is our responsibility to awaken the “inner genius” in each child. At Genius Kids we believe that every child comes into life with wonder, curiosity, awe, spontaneity, vitality, flexibility, & many other joyful characteristics. An infant has twice as many brain connections as an adult. The young child masters a complex symbol system (their own native language) without any formal instruction. Young children have vivid imaginations, creative minds, & sensitive personalities. It is imperative that we, as educators and parents, help preserve these genius characteristics of children as they mature into adulthood, so those capacities can be made available to the broader culture in these times of incredible change. Our founder, Rennu Dhillon, has been recognized locally, nationally & globally for her continued dedication to early education & creative developmental work, developing unique interactive curriculum that have created emergent fluent readers & confident speakers.This website provides important information about our educational programs, curriculum & philosophies. We invite you to tour our campuses and view our online videos to understand & appreciate our dedication to early education and a lifetime of learning.